Junior Speed Championship

Bristol Motor Club is pleased to announce its new Junior Speed Championship.  The championship aims to provide low cost entry and close competition for Juniors and their guardians.  The championship runs entirely against the clock to reduce risk and Standard Cars of up to 110bh[p are used as defined in S11 of the Motorsport UK Yearbook.  Whilst there’s a cup for the fastest Junior, there is also a cup for the fastest adult/junior team allowing guardians to compete with their junior drivers sharing the same vehicle.


For the inaugural year, the calendar will comprise of just six rounds.  To help competitors, Juniors will be offered half price entry to the Castle Combe rounds.

19-May-24 – Autosolo

8-Jun-24 – Llandow Sprint – Entries open 8th March 2024

13-Jul-24 – DM Sprint, Castle Combe Circuit – Entries open 7th May 2024

17-Aug-24 – Llandow Sprint

15-Sep-24 – AutoSolo

12-Oct-24 – Great Western Sprint, Castle Combe Circuit – Entries open 20th August 2024


The full regulations can be downloaded here.


  • Standard Cars in accordance with Section 11 of the Motorsport UK Yearbook are permitted, limited to 110bhp.  Those wishing to implement a “cheeky remap” will note that the organisers can install a data logger at any point to prove compliance.
  • Tyres must be in List 1A of the Motorsport UK Yearbook.
  • 4 point harnesses are required as a minimum for Junior competitors.

Get Involved!

You’ll need the following to compete: